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Thursday, March 5, 2009

$1,000,000 Home Page

I always get astonished when some of the best ideas fails whereas dumb ideas gets wide public acceptance. Anyway that is the hard and harsh fact one has to accept in business. When these dumb ideas become popular, they are no more dumb and I would call them as a new trend.

I was going through some articles on business on internet on problogger, I came across an old post on Milliondollarhomepage, which I already read a year ago in local news paper. As I read this again, I got curious about this concept and went to

As the home page was getting loaded, it appeared to be a very simple website that one could create by a couple of days work. The first thought that struck me - Every one and Anyone can create such a site so whats so special that he made million dollars out of it ? I knew that the founder made million dollars by selling pixes on the website to the advertisers so it was not something new to me.

After the web page got loaded, I see a lot of advertisements on this site. Initially it appeared to me that small and medium sized companies bought the pixels on this page but after watching Yahoo and Timesonline, I realized there were a few big firms too. Though the idea was very simple, hats off to the founder Alex Tew for the right marketing techniques.

That gives us a new (I think I should say old) lesson to learn, A simple idea with great marketing is always better than a great idea with no marketing.

The guy has already sold all the pixels on his blog so now it shows the message "You're too late. There are no more pixels available :( " when I tried to buy a few pixels.

While googling I have come across a lot of sites which are replicas of this but they haven't made much revenue. Is that because the advertisers don't want to advertise any more on such million pixels pages ? I don't think so. If Alex adds one more million pixels to his site, I am confident that he can sell those new pixels in short amount of time. So what I meant here is, the market hasn't dried up and it is still open. Then why did the other websites fail ? I think the others lagged on the marketing. They haven't gained any popularity.

What all happened is history but that set a new trend in the internet business. It emphasized that the market is always open for any kind of ideas. All you have to do is target it at right market. How you do that is the challenge.

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