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Friday, February 27, 2009

Selling and Buying Domains

Some people are seriously into the business of buying and selling domains. Seriously!

My thought on that is its like a share market you cannot anticipate what is the worth of a domain until it gets the demand. You buy something anticipating the you can sell it for a very high price on the other hand it also could be true that no-one would ever be interested in it.

Though I don't have official information on the numbers, I can post the numbers that I came across in a lot of discussion forums.

The following are considered to be the highest paid domain names ever sold. If you have some different numbers, you can post your comments here. $7.5 million $5.5 million $5.1 million $3.3 million $2.9 million $2.2 million $1.8 million $1.3 million $1m $1m $970,000 $830,000

Its true that the numbers are very high. In fact, companies are willing to pay such huge amount because it increases their business.

Try typing - yes its a single character domain name. It is owned by PayPal.


While surfing across, I found that the domains is priced at $6,064,800 and at $346,020. Now I think this is very dumb way of buying and selling domains.

If someone has to buy these domains then it has to be Indian Railways and would they ever think of buying it for a whopping $6,064,800 (Rupees 303,240,000 at $1 =50 Rupees) ? Certainly Not. On the other hand, I think, the following are good domains that may find buyers at least in the long run. - $657,200 $480,000 - $345,800

Targeting the domains with a specific company in mind would end you in no-where. The essence is, buy a domain which can attracts wide range of audience, which is easy to remember and preferably short.

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