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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Google's Street View - Invasion on Privacy ?

Google has started Street View on the Google Maps. With the street view, you will be able to roam around any street, view cross roads, trees, houses, even watch vehicles parked in front of the houses.

I did view the clarity and it is awesome. I felt as if I was moving on the roads of Las Vegas!

This technology displays so much details that two people sued Google but they eventually lost the case.

I had always been a lover of Google tools but on this, I have my own apprehensions. A common man can virtually visit any country,state and street directly from his desktop, analyze the geography. Mind you, "No Visa Needed" and "No one keeps an eye on you to study your intentions".

Have to wait and watch whether this proves to be something useful for mankind or it results in more disasters.

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